Picking your Fantasy Premier League Team

Fantasy Premier League Budget

You only have £100 million pounds to select your Fantasy Premier League team, wish I had a fraction of that in my bank account! In Fantasy Premier League you have to pick 15 players and only 11 can play. In what positions should you spend your millions? and where do you select budget players? 

There are a couple ways you can spread money throughout the team but the most effective way to optimize the points your fantasy premier league team scores is to make decisions about your team before you start looking at players. 

  • Decide your Formation before you select your team, the most successful formation in fantasy premier league is the 3-4-3 formation (1 GoalKeeper, 3 Defenders, 4 Midfielders & 3 Forwards) Read More
  • This will leave you with 4 subs on your fantasy premier league team – (1 Goalkeeper, 2 Defenders, 1 Midfielders) Subs – Put As Little Money into these Players As Possible! I suggest spending a maximum of £17 million on these positions – Why put extra money into a player who probably wont play!!??!

Fantasy Premier League Team Starting xi – £83 million to spend

That works out at £7.5 million a man but sadly its not that easy to pick a strong all round team when forwards like Drogba, Torres and Rooney are £11.5- £13 million pounds each and defenders like Evra, Vermaelan and Terry are £7 – 7.5 million each. It does not add up! You need to select 2-3 top attacking players and supplement them with some cheaper attacking players and also some cheap defenders who play in teams that get clean sheets


Australia's goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer makes a save against Ghana during their 2010 World Cup Group D soccer match at Royal Bafokeng stadium in Rustenburg June 19, 2010. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon (SOUTH AFRICA)

I recommend spending as little as possible on this position – Look at teams like Stoke, Bolton, Birmingham and Fulham. A couple of these mid table teams will get 10-12 clean-sheets this season. Which is only 4-5 clean-sheets less than the Man United & Chelsea can expect. That is only 20 extra points a season and can be the difference of £3 million to your team, for every million you are looking for a return of 21 points a season so therefore an expensive goalkeeper can cost you 40+ points a season and that is a margin that wins leagues. 


You have two options for you, you can buy two expensive defenders like Evra and Vermaelan and pick 3 cheap defenders or pick 5 cheap defenders. Lets look at both. 

 2 Expensive & 3 Cheap Defenders 

You would expect to get 160 points from your expensive defenders and 90 points from a good cheap defender. With clever rotation you can get 120 points out of cheap defenders a season. You simply rotate them by playing them when they have home games not against all teams accept the top four and risk them against away to weaker teams. You are simply hoping for a clean sheet. This would give you 410+ points over a season. 

 5 Cheap Defenders 

Playing with 5 cheap defenders means that you need to rotate all 5 defenders weekly which can be difficult. It also will only give you 360+ points a season but there are major benefits. You can save £7 million and strengthen your midfielders and forwards. This would give you an additional 150 points which would give you 510+ points. So the better manager will do this but its difficult to keep on top of this. If this is your first time playing or you have a weak football knowledge I recommend getting 2 expensive defenders. Midfielders & Forwards 

Wembley Stadium Chelsea v Manchester United (1-3) Community Shield 08/08/2010 Frank Lampard (Chelsea) Photo Roger Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

You need to have two or three top players like Fabregas, Gerrard, Rooney, Drogba, Arshavin, Van Persie or Lampard. One of these players will be your captain (Captain gets double points) most weeks because they consistently score the most points with their goals, assists and bonus points. 

When assessing cheaper midfielders & forwards you should assess their ability to score goals, ability/opportunity to take freekicks & penalties and most importantly their fixtures. These are the players you will transfer most throughout the season. You should sign up for our free weekly transfer tips in the sidebar on the right or email our team at [email protected].

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  • harris

    i hope i like this game.it’s fun in playing football games

  • http://fantasypremierleague chrion

    l love fantasy football

  • Diwas

    Howard,cole A,collins,bale,hazard,tarabt,michu,rooney,suarez(c),ba

  • http://yahoo jack


  • James

    Feel free to give advice!

    Team for GW1


    Kompany Cole Walker

    Hazard Cabaye Toure Kagawa

    Ba Aguero Pog


    Ruddy Clyne Britton Barnett

  • lost

    were do i sign up

  • gotohell

    how can i select a squad….when i click squad selection it says game finished….what should i do

  • UkeE


    I would like to know how the final points of the season are counted. I'm leading my league with the gap of 107 points, but I have 43 transfers more than the second position player. Will the extra transfer points be reduced in the end of the season (after GW38) or have these points been already taken away during every ganeweek? Thanks.

  • http://hotmail hasan

    i cant save my squad for fantasy football when i do it and logout nd login again i have to do my squad again nd i need help plz

  • http://rediffmail merrick fernandes



    assou ekotto,lescott,vermalen,taylor r,simpson


    RVP the man,aguero,saha

  • Lasse H Henriksen


  • ajinkya

    both my goalkeepers couldnt play in this gameweek….

    will i get point from the other player in d squad…

    pls help me……

  • http://loribabyflood.com lori flood

    omg i luv fantasy football its ma favvvvvvvvv . i watch it wen ever its on , i cant resist it !!!! <3<3 follow me or add me on facebook fantasy luverssss.

  • http://rediffmail Merrick Fernandes

    i got 66 points a week with :

    vorm,al habsi

    simpson,kompany,walker,bosingwa,taylor s


    van persie,rooney,sturridge

    subs:al habsi,simpson,walker,ferguson.

    try this team it really works

  • http://rediffmail Merrick Fernandes

    i got 66 points a week with

    vorm,al habsi



    van persie,rooney,sturridge

    hope this helps

  • eddie casey

    can i get tips for weekend i have 0.2 to spend what shall i do id like to get 75 or more points if possible given jones kompany brown {simpson dunne} young parker ramiers faurlin {tiote} rooney adabeyor aguero

  • Ole Pettersen

    Al Habsi

    Johnson – Hangeland – Huth (Distin, Simpson)

    N'Zogbia – Jarvis – Yaya Toure – Dempsey ( Reo-Coker)

    Gervinho – Rooney – Odemwingie

    Tips for improvements?

    • mike gill

      hi, what a mess!

      1, huth will score just as many points as shawcross and he is cheaper! like wise with hangland and other fullham defenders. you could buy man city def for that price!

      2,gervinio mostley plays on the right wing

      3,yaya toure is a defensive mid not much good for goals and assists.

      4, with extra funds from defence swap jarvis for bale or modric.

      5, NO NANI?

      6, NO AGERO?

      MY TEAM:









      VAN D VART




    • Bill Bryson

      yeah, give up.

  • Anonymous

    hi will i get tips

  • Anonymous

    im getting rid of lee of bolton i have 5.5 to spend which midfielder do you think i need to get to get me points i need just one for next matches comming up

    • http://www.fantasypremierleaguetransfers.com Paul Caffrey

      I have got this question a few times – YaYa Toure is your man!

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    im leaving this and not talking to you again since didnt help me goodbye

    • http://www.fantasypremierleaguetransfers.com Paul Caffrey

      Check your Email :)

  • eddiecasey

    just help me to get higher points than my friends if can please

    • http://rediffmail Merrick Fernandes


      vorm,al habsi

      simpson,kompany,walkers,bosingwa,taylor s


      van persie,rooney,sturridge

  • eddiecasey

    help me pick a good team for the weekend or if i need to a one to buy tell me who i have 1.6 i think to spend i want to get higher points thasn my friends

  • Anonymous

    i got 64pts at weekend just gone i want to get better than my friends what do i do replay to me

  • eddiecasey

    who will i pick for the weekend to play or who do i need to get in help me

  • eddiecasey

    my team is van der sar jaaskelineen evra hangerland samba elmohamady huth bale nasri nani lee nzogbia elmander torres carroll captian is it a good team or can i make it better i want to get more points than my friends i never can what do i need to do or what does my team need to be starting matches if you can help it would be good thanks