Management Tips

To manage a successful Fantasy Premier League team you must have a strategy in place to help you achieve your goal.As the 2013/14 premier league season progresses I will add to this section as particular strategies become relevant.

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  4. FPL Strategy – How to win your mini league in weeks – Click Here

ebook add  It is not often that we will promote another product here on the site, but when you come across something as good as this we kind of felt obliged to do so. “FPL Strategy – How to win your mini league in weeks” has absolutely everything you need to know about closing the gap on your mini league rivals over the final weeks of the season and it even gives you a bonus of player points projections for the final weeks of this season.  In the book you will learn how to:

  • Set Expectations
  • Choosing The Right League
  • Scout Your Rivals
  • Stalking Like A Pro
  • Look For Differentials
  • Learn How Many Transfers To Make 
  • And Much Much More….

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Chapters 1-6 Chapters 7-10 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

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