Join our Fantasy Premier League & Win Prizes!! Code: 166068-1309

by Paul Caffrey on July 31, 2011

Its that time of year again, the pre-season is coming to a close and we are looking forward to the Charity Shield followed by the return of Premier league football. Most Fantasy Premier League managers have already logged into the Official Fantasy Premier League Game and have started picking their teams.

Could you follow in Sir Alex's footsteps, be manager of the month or even overall champion? Enter our League!! Code: 2104-1309

Make sure you join our Official League Fantasy Premier League as we will be giving out Top Prizes and also reviewing the league each week giving shout outs to high points scorers, leaders, biggest movers and getting interviews from managers on what went right and wrong for their teams.

Sign up now!! Its free, you could win some great prizes and get your name in lights!

How to Join:

  1. Set up a team in The Official Fantasy Premier League Game
  2. Enter this League Code: 166068-1309
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  • arcku

    Classic league:239389-151259

  • arjun

    Fantasy premierleague 13/14, invited to play league;
    Classic league:239383-151259
    Head-head league: 239389-151233

  • Jack

    Massive new fantasy league starting this year! Code is 289953-128833….. Everyone welcome!

  • http://arcku Arjun

    Fantasy premierleague 13/14, invited to play league
    Classic league:239389-151233
    Head-head league: 239383-151259

  • http://arcku Arjun

    Fantasy premierleague, invited to play league
    classic league:239389-151233
    Head-head league: 239383-151259

  • hadi

    join for newbie !


  • hadi

    join for newbie !

    code : 2480356-538397

  • Tich

    It says invalid league

  • longjam nirmalkumar

    join new league code is :600789-353437

  • Anonymous

    Join private league

    You have chosen to join a private league.

    Simply enter the private league code in the box below and click on 'Join private league'.

    This is not a valid league code. Please enter another code or check the code with the league administrator.

    Private league code

  • Aidan

    Join my league, trying to get as many as i can 2036202-408154

  • Willo

    Getting the exact same .Not a valid league code ???

  • baligaa

    Join my league: 472655-128931

  • Ben

    I have just signed up and it worked fine… try again.. maybe the site was overloaded or something similar.

  • Enda Sheppard doesn't act on my putting in code 166068-1309 to join your offical league – doesn't say code invalid or anything, just didn't process it, despite several efforts, including signing off and trying again, often!

  • John

    I got the same error not a valid code see administrator for new code.

  • Neil

    It's saying that the code (2104-1309) is not a valid league code

  • Mark McCaig


    Is anyone else having trouble joining the league i put the code in and nothing.


    • Paul Caffrey

      Hi Mark,

      How are you?

      We have had hundreds join the league with no issues, what is the error saying??



      • Andreas

        Im getting an error(This is not a valid league code. Please enter another code or check the code with the league administrator.) when im trying to join the league.

        Why is that?

        • Lee

          Getting the exact same . Not a valid league code ;(

          • Paul Caffrey

            Guys the new league code is: 166068-1309

            Dont know why they changed it on us!!