Gameweek 10 Fantasy Premier League Tips: Top Fantasy Footballers to Target

by Paul Caffrey on October 27, 2011

Gameweek 10 will have a number of intriguing games with Everton hosting Manchester United who will no doubt be looking for a reaction after their humiliating defeat to Manchester City last week. Manchester City themselves are hosting Wolves who they beat during the week in the Carling Cup 5-2. It will be interesting to see who Mancini picks with Manchester City facing a must win game against Villarreal in the Champions League. For everything fantasy football check back to the site and follow our twitter account @fantasypremtips to get the latest news as it breaks.

Below is our list of tips for players that we believe we deliver in gameweek 10, as all teams are different you will need to strengthen your fantasy premier league team in different area’s so below we cover every position.


Asmir Begovic (Stoke City) £5.2 million Fixture: Newcastle (Home)

Michel Vorm (Swansea) £4.3 million Fixture: Bolton (Home)


Kyle Walker (Tottenham) £5.5 million Fixture: QPR (Home)

Vincent Kompany (Man City) £6.2 million Fixture: Wolves (Home)

Ryan Shawcross (Stoke City) £5.2 million Fixture: Newcastle (Home)

Jose Enrique (Liverpool) £5.4 million Fixture: West Brom (Away)


Rafael Van Der Vaart (Tottenham) £10 million Fixture: QPR (Home)

Juan Mata (Chelsea) £9.6 million Fixture: Arsenal (Home)

Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal) £6.5 million Fixture: Chelsea (Away)

Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) £11.0 million Fixture: West Brom (Away)

Anthony Pilkington (Norwich) £5.1 million Fixture: Blackburn (Home)



Emmanuel Adebayor (Tottenham) £8.6 million Fixture: QPR (Home)

Robin Van Persie (Arsenal) £12.1 million Fixture: Chelsea (Away)

Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) £12.4 million Fixture: Everton (Away)


So there you have our gameweek 10 tips if you want to know more then you need to check out this weeks Podcast Listen Here

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Do you think we have overlooked someone then let us know you thoughts!

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  • Saurabh

    how about Micah Richards (MCFC) ?

  • Tyz

    do you tjink suarez will start?

    • Anonymous

      If he does start he will play 90 minutes, and if he doesn't he won't play at all unless Liverpool are trailing. So it'd be best to keep him in the team

  • Geoff

    Thinking of Jarvis out and Pilkington in this week.
    Team is
    Vorm Given
    Kompany Enrique Boswinga (S Taylor Delat)
    VDV Young Brunt Jarvis Moses
    Rooney Agbonlahor Adebayor

  • Zlatko

    Should i put Dzeko instead of Tiote?Cause Tiote might not play

    • Zlatko

      And another question.

      Will Klasnic and SIlva play from the start or they will be benched?

  • Damien w

    Who do u think going to start up front for city after bringing in ballotelli and making him captain do u think good or bad choice?? Can see city easily hitting 7

  • Dejan

    Who is better GK? Vorm or Begovic??? I have them both… I was thinking Vorm…

  • Christian

    Taking a risk, bringing Torres in for Aguero and making him captain.

  • GentlePunter

    The confidence on playing Jose Enrique in GW10 fails me. Liverpool defense is unreliable, WBA's attack is able with or without Long (would have bought Tchoyi had i not decided to save FT for next week). The only reason i can see is getting an offensive contribution from him, as i predict a high scoring game here but this looks to me like a real long shot. I am benching the guy unless someone comes up with a good reason not to.

    • Gummi

      I agree. I'm benching him this week. I fancy Brunt to have a part in denying Liverpool's defence a clean sheet bonus.

  • Arnór

    should i have torres captain or aguero?

    • Gummi

      Captaining Torres would be a bold move and the numbers so far say go for Aguero. However, there is a chance that Aguero will be rested or play only 60 or so minutes.

      Aguero will be heavily captained but I wouldn't argue against Torres against a leaky Arsenal defence.

  • Samarth

    Should i play Ramsey over N.Taylor or Phil Jones??

    • Per


  • kieran

    will Young start? i've no transfers but mite drop him to the bench.

  • will

    Who should I captain this week? RvP and VdV are on fire at the moment, but Rooney and Nani are playing an everton team that just played 120 minutes.

    My Wk 10 Squad:


    N Taylor, Shawcross, Enrique

    Nani, VdV, Ramsey, Bradley Johnson

    Rooney, Sturridge, RVP


    Tiote, S Taylor, Leon Barnett

    • afiz

      van Persie. He is the best and for sure will find the back of the net..

    • Gummi

      VdV has a home game and the easiest fixture on paper so he should be your choice unless you choose to believe that Van Persie will deliver against Chelsea.

      • afiz

        van persie scores hatrick. =)

  • Pat

    why is people choosing vorm over begovic?

    i dont know what to choose!

    • Rainz

      Bolton's form is disastrous so Swansea has more possibility for a clean sheet. Begovic is a very good keeper but I.M.O. New Castle will bring more challenge to Stoke City than Bolton to Swansea.

      • Pat

        great! thx

  • Watson

    I need help urgently plzzz

    do i gt in adam johnson

    • @NotSoNigerian

      I think he will play. But given Man City's rotation due to the Champions League, you never know.

  • @NotSoNigerian

    Are u sure Aguero will play? I'm willing to put him in for Rooney. and also Sturridge out Adebayor in.

    • Rainz

      Let's hope that Aguero will play since Dzeko played in the Carling Cup on Tuesday :)

  • Douglas C.V.B

    augero not starting for man city :) ……………



    Taylor R Kompany Taylor S

    Nani Pilkington Van der vart David Silva

    Adebayor Van Persie Balotelli

    subs- Begovic ,tiote, De Laete, shotton

    • Watson

      hw do u kno aguero aint strtin

      nd will dzeko strt or will balotelli

      • Douglas C.V.B

        due to champions league augero aiint startin so dzeko balotelli up front this week

        • Rainz

          :( did you read this up somewhere? Or is it your opinion?

        • afiz

          agree with this.. aguero will not start.. he may play, but only for 10 minutes at most..

          • Rainz

            I'm guess I'll be taking the risk and captain Aguero anyways :( since he started against Man United. Wish me luck!

  • Vidur Khanna

    I have Agbonlahor currently. should i trade him for adebayor?

    • afiz

      if you already used free transfer, better not..

      • Vidur Khanna

        nah i have 2 free transfers

        • afiz

          then, yeah you should trade if other player from midfield and back are convincing enough..

  • Vytautas Kublickas


    I need some help with who i should have on and who to bench.

    Who of Sturrige, Pilkington or Bale should i keep on the bench? Pilkington is in good form and playing at home, Sturrige has a hard fixure against Aresnal and Bale has not been getting that many points the last couple of games.

    Need some help to sole this little pickle, thanks!

    • afiz

      pilkington > sturridge > bale

  • Katie

    Do you reckon Taylor S, Suarez and Tiote will get well and play? Too many insuries this week and just one free transfer. Also Bannan getting banned.. maaan.

    • afiz

      suarez > tiote > taylor s

  • jon snow


    Jose Enrique, Taylor S,Bosingwa

    Mata, Ramsey, Nasri, Silva

    Ba, Rooney, Sturridge

    sub: Begovic, Dyer,Taylor(SWA),Barnett

    here's my team, this past 2 weeks had been killing me with d red cards, 1st half sub n d squad rotations……thinking of getting vdv for nasri, and go -4 for balotelli/dzeko for ba…..i still hv 2.9 in bank.wat do u think?…pls, anyone, pretty please?

    • Hadi

      Recommend vdv for Nasri as Nasri only seems to come on for 20 mins a game max, not enough time and vdv in terriffic form recently.

      Ba for Adebayor or Agbonlahor is a good option.

      • jon snow

        thnx man! wish me luck, n gd luck to u too! :)

  • Shane

    Selling Nani and Zamora, should I get:





    • Anonymous

      Ramsey and RVP

    • Rainz

      Ramsey&RVP is good for the long run but Milner&Aguero are better picks for this gameweek. It's just that Man City players rotate too much.

    • afiz

      ramsey & rvp..

  • Anonymous

    Should I take a 4 point hit aguero for rooney?

  • Rainz

    Is Aguero going to play? Please say yes :(

    • afiz


      • Rainz

        YAY! Is he worth to be captain?

    • Paul Caffrey

      Currently going through Mancini's press conference, he has given nothing away yet, its 50:50 – we will update as we know more

      • Gummi

        If Aguero and Silva are playing they must be contenders for the armband. They could rip that Wolves defence to pieces.

        • Rainz

          Gummi I absolutely agree with you! They're in top form and work really well together :)

      • Rainz

        Hey Paul :) do you think it's worth the risk to captain Aguero? I have VDV/Rooney as vice-captain but it's tough to decide whether to captain VDV or Aguero :(

  • merdok04

    what to do? do I bring in aguero or adebayor

    Current 11:


    Enrique Bos R taylor

    Silva SWP VDV Moses Brunt

    Suarez RVP Obem

    SWP will be dropped for possibly the popular pilkington. Maybe moses shines for once, brunt tough fixture.

    Want to grab Kompany but Obem seems a must drop, and transfer rates would hit.

    • afiz

      swp > pilkington

      odem > bendtner/adebayor..

      • Paul Caffrey

        SWP Out is a good move, QPR dont look up to much and I would take Adebayor instead of Odemwingie but not Bendtner!

        • k

          couldnt agree more, Qpr last week showed that when their in that final third they havent got a clue on how to put the ball in the back of the net

          • merdok04


  • Saurabh

    How about Sturridge OUT and Adebayor IN?

    • afiz

      both have chances to score i guess..

      • Red Tide

        i just done that transfer now – Sturridge possibly will come off the bench and Ade sure to start and they home to QPR

        • afiz

          i think sturridge will play from the begin with torres. ade sure can score or assist on this week..

          • k

            Yeah tough decision mate, strurridge will start and will probably have a hand in a goal or score himself.. whilst adebayor is a better player than strurridge but im not entirely convinced by adebayor yet.

          • afiz

            agree with you k. adebayor is not convincing since last 2 match. he cant shoot like van persie or creative enough..

  • Saurabh

    What about taking Aguero?!


    • afiz

      yeah he is playing and can deliver this weak.. along with balotelli..

  • Bamboozled

    Van Persie is away to Chelsea, not home to Stoke.

  • Watson

    shud i sell rooney nd gt in vanpersie

    • afiz

      absolutely. rooney is not in form

      • Torres

        wt bout agbanlahor….nd shud i gt in dzeko

        • afiz

          prefer agbonlahor.. dzeko will play 30 minutes at most after replacing balotelli..

          • Torres

            bt ddnt dzeko strt against wolves fr carlin…he may strt again fr d match against wolves

            dnt u think balotelli wud b rested fr champions league

          • k

            I wouldnt say rooney is in bad form, last week he was definitely manchester uniteds best player on the field, its just man u's game got shot down by mancity. he will be back 😉

  • Paul G

    Can't decide if I should swap Nani for VDV, or Eagles for Pilkington for this gameweek? Only have 1 free transfer & don't really wanna go -4 to swap both. What do you reckon?

    • Chris S.

      get Van der Vaart, thats my opinion

      • afiz

        and get Pilkington too.. dont be scared to take the risk of -4

  • afiz

    errr. i think you make some error there. arsenal suppose to head for stamford bridge. not stoke city. anyway, ramsey and rvp is a good player to pick…

  • Ethan Maguire

    My TEAM :




    Jose Enrique

















    Van Persie


  • Chris S.

    Should I grab cleverley for this weekend? Do you think he is going to play?

    • Anonymous


      Bosingwa,Taylor R, Collins,cahil

      Silva, Ramsey,sinclair

      Rooney, Agbhonlahor,Best


      Al-Habsi, Lescott,watson,Ramires


      I have two transfers and £3.4 in the bank.

      • Anonymous

        Can y☺u pls advice

      • afiz

        bring in Lescott for collins and Watson for cahil.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Cleverley will play with Carrick in centre mid

      • Anonymous

        pinkleton or larsson?