Differential Potential :Beau-Selected!

by Phil McGrath on February 16, 2012

Talked up by the enigmatic Fantasy Premier League tipster that is Paul Caffrey on the latest FantasyPremierLeagueTransfers.com podcast, Jean Beausejour lived up to his billing and brought home attacking rewards for his owners in the form of his assist in Wigan’s potentially crucial away victory against a heavily inconsistent Bolton side.

This was the second game in a row that the January transfer window signing from Birmingham has returned attacking points in and, considering this was only his third game in The Latics colours, he has certainly hit the ground running. If his name were to be Keane or Henry then perhaps his arrival might have heralded much louder and more persuasive Fantasy Premier League endorsements but, as it is, the 43 time capped Chilean international has flown well below the radar.

Ownership Levels

So much so, that his current ownership- as listed on the official gamesite- is an astonishing 0.0%. When you look at players such as Jack Wilshere, for example, and see that he is sitting in 2.6% of teams despite not having played a minute of the season to date, it’s a quandary as to why Martinez’s new man is not being more popularly supported. (Yes, I know there are a lot of dead teams out there but you get the point right?)

Perhaps then, you say, the answer lies in the potential of the speedy left-winger. Many, many Fantasy Premier League managers like to do their homework on new signings and give them time to settle in to their new surroundings before drafting them into their teams. And, fair enough I say. That sounds perfectly reasonable and logical. The only trick that you might miss by doing it that way though is that you may end up waiting just that little bit too long and miss out on the points on offer until it’s so obvious that all your mini-league rivals are making space for him too. Differential gone, catch up opportunity gone and probably 0.2 or 0.3 from your transfer kitty gone too.

Fear not my friends, for that’s why we are here at FantasyPremierLeagueTransfers.com. This article intends to spray mind-opening light across your screens in the form of glaringly obvious Differential Potential. Whether yours is a money mini-league or a bragging rights one, this will give you a little bit extra on your competition- and of course in the overall standings considering his 0.0% or approximately 700 player-strong (at the time of writing) ownership!

I have, and most probably we have, waited 3 Gameweeks already to see how he’ll do. So the question has to be, how has he done? Exceedingly well is the simple answer. Coming into a struggling team is never easy but Jean has been instantly entrusted by management down at The DW Staudim and has played every minute of the games for which he has been available. And rightly so it would seem.

Despite having 2 out of 3 away from home the flying wideman has amassed a very credible 15 pts in that 3-game stretch, giving him an average of 5 per game.

Add to the fact that of those 3 games, 1 was away to free-flowing football Tottenham and another was home to current Premier League giant slayers, also known as Everton, and the 2 assists and 3 bonus points under his belt already becomes even more impressive. It leaves ‘The Beau’ (can I call him that?) in an elite group of 3 5.0 and under priced Fantasy Premier League midfielders. He, along with James McClean and Gylfi Sigurdsson, are averaging 1.4 or more above that of all others within their price bracket.

Clearly last years experiences with Birmingham in the Premier League, and this years with the same outfit in the Championship, have served the 2010 World Cup goalscorer very well. Indeed, it has been very much as expected as his manager anticipated, saying the following upon his capture for an undisclosed fee;

“Now Jean has 18 months of experience in the British game and his dynamism, technical ability and tactical concepts will bring a different dimension into our squad.”

Is this all just a flash in the pan or is he just getting lucky?

The 2011-2012 Fantasy Premier League season brought with it a big change in how bonus points are allocated to our players. Many of you may be very well versed in this fact already so I’ll be blunt. No longer does a random bloke sit in the stands- or perhaps in front of his TV set- and watch on through his oft-England International tainted glasses and say “Yes, Rooney 3, Carrick 2 and Ferdinand 1.”

They’ve introduced a whole science to the matter of these crucial points. Having grabbed the full 3 bonus on offer in what his only home game to start to date Beausejour’s potential for ‘baps’ seems high and as he really grows into his new surroundings you’d have to expect this to only increase.

Versatility gets you a long way as a football player and Beausejours ability to seamlessly slide into a defensive winger of even wing-back role can help us out even further. Not only does it solidify his minutes per game potential to near certainty but, with clearances, tackles won, key passes, shots on target, successful crosses some of the primary ingredients to a high PPI (Player Performance index; it’s from this that they assign bonus points) this player is a shoe in for high influence statistics on a weekly basis. After all, his team are bottom of the table and don’t exactly have the ball retention potential of Arsenal. Tracking back and busting a gut into the dying minutes of games looking for last ditch equalisers and winners in their efforts to avoid relegation, Beausejour appears primed by Martinez as his main artillery in the inevitable fight ahead of them.

After mentioning the fact that I’m recommending player in a team sitting 20th of 20, I feel the need to add a bit more credence to my argument. Yes, Wigan have only won 1 of their last 10 games. Yes, they have failed to keep a clean sheet since Gameweek 17 and yes, they have only managed to score more than 2 goals in a game once (at home to Blackburn in Gameweek 12) all season. This only aids my point though. These boys will be scrounging and scrapping in every single game from now until the end of season in a battle to avoid the drop. Although parachute payments have nowadays made relegation a little easier for clubs to manage, Chariman Dave Whelan will certainly be demanding the proverbial blood, sweat and tears from Roberto and his players.

To their, and probably our, delight the DW Stadium faithful will see their team turn out at home in 4 of the next 6 Gameweeks. The fans delight will turn to unbridled joy when they see that the teams paying them a visit will be Villa, Swansea, West Brom and Stoke- only Fulham and Man Utd boast an easier fixture list over the same period! Sandwiched in between are trips to Norwich and Liverpool. Add it all up and the potential for table climbing will be all too clear for the Catalonia born manager and you can be in no doubt that he’ll be telling his players that it’s now or never if they’re going to save their Premier League status.

Of course we wouldn’t be hoping for defensive returns, although Al-Habsi is doing a very good job of rivaling Vorm for budget keeper options in spite of the aforementioned lack of clean sheets. But it’s in attack that Wigan will have to put their efforts and right now there’s no player in their whole squad in better form than Beausejour, wins are required and they won’t get them camping on the edge of their penalty-saving specialist keepers 18-yard box.

Basically, if you’re chasing your mini-league leader or you are he/she and don’t want to be caught, now is the time! Bring him in and thank me later.

As if you need it after all that, let me offer you one more reason to draft him into your squad. By now we all know of the great Swansea success story to date and while Vorm has been picking the ball out of his net more than he had been, goals have kept flowing and have even been arriving with a bit more regularity.

One of the main reasons for that has been the arrival of Gylfi Sigurddsson. The Icelandic international has taken over creative responsibility in The Swans midfield and has wrestled most of the set pieces for himself too. Most of you will at least have him on your watchlist by now but many (including me) have yet to transfer him in- his ownership stands at a mere 0.8%. What has this got to Beausejour? Simply put, rotation.

With a favoured and oft most beneficial system of 3-4-3, Fantasy Premier League managers are faced with a difficult dilemma every week; who to bench? Factor in the January Wildcard influx of the power 5 midfield (Silva, Bale, Dempsey, Valencia and Sessegnon) as hype, form and good fixtures dictated, this bench conundrum has reached mind-aching proportions for many.

Here may lie the answer.

What if I said you could have 2 players for less than the price of David Silva, who are both in excellent form and not only do they rotate nicely to ease your weekly selection headache, they provide you with a run of games from now to the end of the season that reads as follows:

Aston Villa (Home), Swansea (Home), Norwich (Away), West Brom (Home), Everton (Home), Stoke (Home), Newcastle (Home), QPR (Away), Blackburn (Home), Bolton  (Away), Wolves (Home), Blackburn (Away), Wolves (Home).

Honestly, can it get any better than that?

Not for me.

Written By: Barry Grimes

So there you have a differential discussion from another of our new promising talents Barry Grimes.

As always we welcome your comments so feel free to welcome Barry and leave a comment below!

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  • Mark Coughlan

    Jean Beausejour has only scored 3 goals in 39 games for Birmingham city and this was in the first divison, he could work out but given those stats I would be more inclined to play Sigoursson even in the away games aginst the middle of the road teams over him

    • Barry Grimes

      Fair enough mate. Sigurdsson is a classy player and with set pieces could score well for sure.

  • Allo1

    My Team is,

    Goalkeeper – Hart

    Defenders – R.Taylor,Kompany,Evans

    Midfielders – Bale,Dempsey,Sess,Silva

    Forwards – Ba,Zamora,Van Persie

    Subs – Mclean,Simpson,Assou-Ekotto

    Any Suggestions regarding my team???

    Also I want to sell RVP(will have 15 in bank if i do),which striker will you suggest??

    • Allo1

      I can consider selling Zamora too if u suggest

      Plzz help

      • Barry Grimes

        Aguero is a great shout for the next 2 games at the very least!

      • Barry Grimes

        Sorry, just saw you’re already filled up on City. In that case I’d hold on to RVP for the next 2 and then bring in Rooney. If you must, for your own reasons, sell RVP then you could go Rooney now, 2 away games but he’s in form and scored 2 away to Chelsea and then home to Liverpool recently so looks fixture proof at the moment.

        Sturridge has some nice fixtures and is ‘due’ a run of form.

        I like Zamora and his upcoming fixtures so would keep him.

        If you fancy a cheeky ount for a couple of weeks to play catch up you could go Rodallega or Crouch.

  • http://deleted elly best

    which 3 defenders should i start btn j.evans simpson taiwo n.aylor

    • Barry Grimes

      For me- Evans, Simpson, Taiwo.

  • Walter Hill

    Anyone else feeling now maybe the time to sell RVP?

    I mean they just got smashed against Milan and morale there must be bad. Plus Arsenal are up against Spurs, Liverpool, Newcastle, Everton, and Villa their next matches and their schedule only gets harder from there as they still haven't played City and Chelsea yet.

    Where as players like Rooney and Aguero have very easy opponents coming up and I think are far more likely too start racking up the points within the next couple months.

    United next five matches are against: Norwich, Spurs, Westbrom, Wolves, Fulham

    City's: Blackburn, Bolton, Swansea, Chelsea, and Stoke

    • Anonymous

      RVP can still get a goal even if Arsenal have hard fixtures and playing poor – hattrick at Chelsea, scored vs Utd twice etc.

      Fixture Proof, but sell him if you dare….

      • Barry Grimes

        Couldn't agree more with this. I;d find it very hard to advocate the sale of RVP. Perhaps the conversatin would be different if it was about buying him but I can't argue with his form and stats.

  • http://deleted elly best

    can you put moses at home to villa ahead of dempsey…. or who would you bench dempsey,sess,bale,silvaor moses….

    • Barry Grimes

      Yeah it’ a tricky one this week for many mate. Perhaps something will happen in the cup games to make life a bit easier for us. If not then here are my thoughts;

      Silva- no way, great form and great fixture
      Bale- form this season is far too good to resist
      Demps- only scored attacking points 3 times away from home this season but possibly OOP now with Zamora gone and maybe more set pieces so I’ll be playing him
      Sess- again probably OOP and good form against a West Brom side struggling at home
      Moses- been very inconsistent all season and therefore the least likely to perform.

      • Patrick Adamek

        What does OOP mean?

        • Barry Grimes

          Out of Position, for example a player listed as a defender on the game but actually plays in midfield (e.g. Ryan Taylor) or a player listed as a midfielder who is actually playing up front (e.g. Clint Dempsey). It's usually a positive thing whereby a player has a better chance of scoring more point but there are the odd occasions where you have a negative OOP- basically the reverse of the above examples.

          • Patrick Adamek

            ok thanks!

  • Ryan Hodgson

    Fantastic post well done Barry you pulled out a little gem there.

    • Barry Grimes

      Cheers Ryan, glad you enjoyed it!

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I believe that Moses is a better bet than Beausejour.

    However, I wouldn't go near Wigan, lowest goals scored in the league and bottom of the league unsurprisingly.

  • Mark Coughlan

    jean beausejour rotates very well with James McClean also, the only question to ask is who is the better choice mcclean or sigoursson?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah you're absolutely right mate. I guess I didn't want to sit on the fence too much so I had to chose 1 of 2 very good options. I sided with Siggy primarily for set pieces and partly because McClean is young and might get rested more often as a result. Both are great picks to rotate with Beausejour though. If you already have McClean in I certainly wouldn't be using a transfer to take him out.

      • Barry Grimes

        Oops, had forgotten to sign in- that was me replying above.

      • Mark Coughlan

        my problem is I have both mcclean and sigoursson

        • Barry Grimes

          Ah, I see. Well as I said above they're both great options. Personally I'd rather have Siggy but it's not an easy decision. Maybe this would help you; given the relative fixtures The Beau would play the next 4 gw's ahead of either McClean or Siggy anyway. The following week you'd play the other player (McClean has QPR home while Siggy has EVE home). As of now, Sunderland are still in the FA Cup- enhanced rotation risk- and Siggy still has set pieces. All in all I think the Swan is your man but it aint easy.